Monday, May 24, 2010

Anne Taintor Challenge

You may not know her name, I'm willing to bet that almost everyone has seen some of Anne Taintor's work.  She is the brilliant artist that started the vintage image/humour trend.    Check out her website at  In homage to her, I created a set of ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) with vintage images and my own sassy/funny sayings. 

For my first challenge, I want you to come up with your own sassy/funny saying for this image:

Comment with your own sassy phrase!  At the end of the end of Wednesday, I will pick the top four phrases and create a poll.  Vote for your favourite and the winner will get her phrase turned into a unique ATC just for her!  Lets start the fun!!


KarenSue said...

love these vintage images

CSDittmer said...

"I only cook so I can show off my adorable aprons!"